Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

When Malo News Is Good News

When Malo News Is Good News DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - When club promoter and restaurateur Mitchell Frank first toured a dusty, dormant Seventh Street space, a couple things stood out. First, there was the large hole in the ceiling. Then there were the worn murals and woodwork. Just as disconcerting was the lack of a kitchen and bar and the decades-old, completely inadequate plumbing and electrical systems. Read more on Los Angeles Downtown News

Sweden's AlphaHelix, Techtum Lab Merge to Bolster qPCR Marketing Muscle Sweden's AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics said this week that it has agreed to acquire all shares in Swedish laboratory supply company Techtum Lab from parent company Labkompaniet, thereby merging AlphaHelix and Techtum. Read more on GenomeWeb News

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