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Spicing up your Residency Permit in Central America - Investing in Teak and Tropical Timber

Spicing up your Residency Permit in Central America - Investing in Teak and Tropical Timber | investment

Demand for Residency Permits in Central America

Spending longer time in Central America will at one point require a residency permit as tourist visas require to be renewed after 90 days. The following points summarize the main reasons to obtain residency in Central America:

1) Retirement - Relocating to an exotic country in Central America is a dream followed by many retiring baby boomers from the US and Europe.

2) Starting a new business - Central America is home of several developing countries and offers many exciting business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Work permits as employees are hardly available and in most cases are reserved for high-skilled workers from multinational companies. Thus in practice an investor visa or a pension income is required to start legal activities

3) Tax optimization - countries in Latin America tax income mostly on domestic sources only, thus income earned from sources outside the country remain tax free

4) Obtain a second passport - the residency permit is a first step to obtain a second passport

In the US alone, 76 million children were born between 1945 - 1964. This large population group is called the Baby Boomers. Today they control over 80% of all personal financial assets (Source: Wikipedia). This generation of baby boomers is reaching retirement age and many of them will evaluate international living options such as relocating to Central America due to lower costs of living and the warm tropical climate.

In Latin America itself, some countries await economic and political difficulties. Thus many citizens of such countries try to secure a safe place abroad for their families to prepare for any eventual emergencies. Especially citizens of Venezuela ha [...]

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