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Q&A: Fitness and toning for a pointe dancer?

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Question by acklucy: Fitness and toning for a pointe dancer? Ok, so I dance jazz, lyrical, broadway, and ballet. Because dance slows down for me in the summer, I have put on a couple unwanted pounds and lost some of my muscle tone. I was put on pointe in May, so I'm fairly new to it still. Are there any good exercises to build up strength needed for pihrouettes and other balances on one foot while on pointe? Also are there any ways to improve my arches besides plies (sp?) on pointe? I have horrible arches that won't seem to budge even though I've been working on them for years. Finally, are there any other exercises to build up core, leg, and glut strength that you can recommend? Thanks in advance! Best answer:

Answer by Inundated in SF
NYC Ballet Workout: Fifty Stretches And Exercises Anyone Can Do For A Strong... Peter Martins (Author) is a picture book out with toning (for dancers). They give pointers on how to stretch, how to warm up, other exercises a dancer does routinely to stay in shape and to strengthen themselves to avoid some of the injuries dancers often get. I bought it used (I'm not sure if it is still being published). There are a few other books out specifically for exercises for dancers.

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