Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Investment process from the perspective of systemic approach

Investment process from the perspective of systemic approach | investment

About the systemic approach. The systemic approach is the direction of scientific knowledge and the methodology of social practice, which is based on the discussion of the objects in systems. it is used as an instrumentarium, which directs the research to the substantiating the wholeness of the object, discovers various contacts in it and gathers them into the total complex.

The systemic approach in its essence is the concrete principles of the dialectical materialism, in the bounds of which, we can discuss the investment process the series of those operations (the kinds of activities), which is fulfilled at the beginning capital (the preface of the process). It increases the value and conditions a definite result (the exit of the process). It is possible to learn the investing process from the position of the systemic approach, because the investment
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