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Fisher Investments Releases Latest Stock Market Outlook

Fisher Investments Releases Latest Stock Market Outlook | investment

WOODSIDE, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Fisher Investments announces the release of its latest Stock Market Outlook, a quarterly research report published by the Fisher Investments research team under the direction of CEO Ken Fisher and the firm's portfolio management team. The Stock Market Outlook research report includes Fisher Investments' latest market outlook, capital markets research and portfolio insights. The Stock Market Outlook provides individual investors an opportunity to gain valuable research and information on the current state of the global stock market.

To access the Stock Market Outlook, simply go to www.google.com and search for "Fisher Investments Stock Market Outlook" and then click on the link for the "Fisher Investments Research Report."

The Fisher Investments Stock Market Outlook provides insight into the firm's market and portfolio research with views on:

> Why the new bull market has additional upside potential ahead

> Which sectors and countries may rebound the most

> Why stocks are still undervalued by historical standards

> Signs that global economic recovery is already underway

> And much more investors can put to use in their own portfolios

Fisher Investments conducts internal research to support the portfolio management process for large institutional clients and thousands of private clients. This involves developing capital markets technologies to interpret market events in unique ways and studying the impact of economic, political and sentiment drivers on global stock markets. Some of these research findings can be found in Fisher Investments' latest Stock Market Outlook.

To get your copy of the latest Stock Market Outlook with insights into Fisher Investments' market and portfolio research, go to www.google.com and search for "Fisher Investments [...]

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