Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

The Attraction of Brownfield Investments in Teak

The Attraction of Brownfield Investments in Teak | investment

Brown and Greenfield Investing

Teak is a prime tropical hardwood, which requires 20 - 25 years to grow in a commercial plantation environment. If the investor enters at project start this is defined as Greenfield investing. The other option, a Brownfield investment, means that a buyer enters later and buys into an existing but older plantation. On the market there are various investment opportunities available at different ages, in teak and other tropical woods, thus providing a wide choice for investors.

Main Risks for Teak Plantations

Teak plantations bear certain risks. From a technical point of view key risks are e.g. the soil quality of the site, the suitability of the location, climate and fire to name the major ones. Normally detailed soil analysis is performed before planting in order to determine the right planting strategy. A plantation manager should be familiar with t
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